Up and Coming Artist Nick Vivid Release New Single “Hush Money (Straight to the Bribe)”

Up and coming artist, Nick Vivid, released his new single “Hush Money (Straight to the Bribe)” on August 18, 2021 off his upcoming album No More Secrets.

Nick Vivid hails from Buffalo, NY and creates music that is a blend of indie electronic funk that has blends of soul and blues throughout it. Between his father being a radio DJ and his mother loving glam rock Nick Vivid was always surrounded by music which shaped and formed his musical style and taste. He currently resides in New York City and works with Bill Aucoin who is the original manager of KISS and Billy Idol. 

The single  “Hush Money (Straight to the Bribe)” was released in anticipation of his upcoming album No More Secrets which will drop on November 12, 2021.  He has two albums out Nicksploitation which was released in 2017 and Blissed Out which was released in 2019 but his new album is going to be a bit different than these previous albums. This album will revolve around themes of the loss of both of his parents in recent years and the life lessons he’s learned from what he calls “intensive meditative pandemic soul searching.”

Nick Vivid spoke on the newest single to his repertoire saying that the single is about what he’s learned from observing people making decisions based on self-serving fear and greed. He elaborated on this saying, “The ‘bribe’ in the song is the alluring ‘shortcut’ to the fake ‘easier’ solution. But for me, that doesn’t work. I’ve tried.” 

The new single “Hush Money (Straight to the Bribe)” definitely plays into multi-instrumentalist Nick Vivid’s indie electronic funk sound. It almost sounds like a blast right out of the past. It features a simplistic yet captivating beat that goes around and around in your head and you will find yourself bobbing side to side without even meaning to it while listening. 

For more information on Nick Vivid and his upcoming album No More Secrets and new single “Hush Money (Straight to the Bribe)” check out his website.

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