Salt City Waltzes to Del Lago Casino for The Band tribute Concert

The Del Lago Casino venue “The Vine” is bringing an infamous night from San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom back to life. The famed concert of “The Last Waltz” will be recreating music by “The Band” at the Del Lago Casino on Saturday November 13th. The evening’s playbill includes over 40 performers as part of “The Salt City Waltz.” The 2021 edition promises to feature new faces and music added to the show. The production inside The Vine offers a glimpse into the 1970’s Winterland Ballroom. It will transport the concert goers to the same movie lens Martin Scorsese shot the original in. 

Salt City Waltz
Rick Danko of the Band

The classic house band will feature Los Blancos from Syracuse featuring Mark Tiffault on drums, Colin Aberdeen on Guitar, and Steve Winston on Bass. The addition to their core of Scott Ebner on Piano, Mark Westers on Guitar, and Bill Barry on Organ will help shape the Vine stage nicely.

It should make no difference that Colin Aberdeen of Los Blancos saw the legendary Rick Danko of “The Band” perform a special solo acoustic show at the Hotel Syracuse in the 1990’s. The guests at the original “Last Waltz” included Ringo Starr, Dr John, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, Van Morrison and Neil Young to name a few. The guests joining the Salt City Waltz are The Old Main, Brendon Gosson, George Rossi, John McConnell, Mike Mahwinney, Joe Altier, Pete McMahon, Rex Lyons, Carolyn Kelly, Andy Comstock, Bill Ali, Joe Whiting, Mike Frisina & Ben Sumner.

Jay Collins returns to Salt City Waltz

The Salt City Waltz Ensemble at the Vine in Del Lago will consist of Gary Frenay on Bass, Cathy Lamanna on Drums, Mark Hoffmann on Mandolin, Chris Eves on Guitar, Jonah Smith on Vocals/Piano and Liz Fiddle on naturally….fiddle. Guesting with them will be Central New York Songbirds Donna Colton, Joanna Jewett, Maureen Henesey and Steven Cali. As well as Opus Black String Ensemble, Ronnie Leigh and Bruce Gerow.

To make the performance sound full circle at the Vine please welcome the Levon Helm Studio Horns. Featuring Jay Collins on Tenor Saxophone, Erik Lawrence on Baritone/ Alto sax, Steve Bernstein on Trumpet. Special guest on trombone and tuba, from Bruce Springsteen E Street Band Clark Gayton will join the Waltz this year. As Levon Helm once said, “I love horns and the bigger the band, the better it sounds in my ear.”

Salt City Waltz

Producer Stacey Waterman has curated all four editions of the Salt City Waltz; creating an atmosphere very much like that Thanksgiving night in 1976, right down to a chandelier. The idea behind this show is to celebrate the music of The Band and The Last Waltz. The musicians who assemble for this each year are the cream of the crop and leave the audience feeling thankful. You can purchase tickets to the event here.

Levon Helm’s infamous studio barn in the Hudson Valley is still hosting their own live music. The music never stopped through his daughter Amy Helm and the list of other great acts to still turn the same wheel. Music also lives on at Bob Dylan’s Big Pink House that The Band famously recorded at in Woodstock as well.

The Power of Music just kinda kills all those ills. It cures everything and you’ve got more energy because of the music. And I’ve Never Seen it Fail. Its good for ya…real good for ya

Levon Helm
Salt City Waltz

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