Hearing Aide: Get Spooky with Surfbort’s “Happy Happy Halloween”

As Ghouls and Goblin Day (Halloween) approaches, Brooklyn punk outfit Surbort has shared a fittingly spooky new track aptly titled, “Happy Happy Halloween.” Released on October 21, the record is accompanied by a music video.

Halloween is our favorite holiday and we celebrate it everyday so we wanted to make an extra spooky song to celebrate the ghouls and ghosts,

front-woman Dani Miller said.

The track, originally imagined as a cover, morphed into a wacky original at manager and album producer Linda Perry’s encouragement.

Linda just started playing spooky Dracula noises on the keys and the rest is history,

Miller said. 

The song is also a homage to Surbort’s favorite parts of Halloween. Based around the sinister children’s rhyme from Nightmare on Elm Street, each verse sees Surfbort celebrate pigskins, pumpkins, ghosts, and even “dead Santa Clause.” However, Surfbort also honors the sinister acts that inspire them, name-dropping goth icons like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Sisters of Mercy.

Perry also directed the video for the track, featuring the band in outlandish, colorful Halloween costumes. With Miller morphing into a Harley-Quinn-meets-Joker character as the band-members appear in a rotation of costumes, with Bassist Nick Arnold as, Bob Ross, serving as a standout lookalike. The video employs every spooky trope in the book in a dramatic, tongue-in-cheek way, from grainy found-footage to severed limbs as drumsticks. Within all of the hooplah, what stands out is how much fun Surfbort is having. It’s not hard to believe Halloween is their favorite holiday.  

“Happy Happy Halloween” is Surfbort’s first release since their latest album, Keep on Truckin, earlier this month. Guitarist Alex Kilgore described the album as encompassing

12 songs for a new world, a call to arms to blast love: a panacea to the corporate hellscape we live in.

Surfbort has two upcoming shows in the New York area, both in December. They will play TV Eye in Brooklyn on December 5th, followed by a show at The Mercury Lounge in NYC on December 6th. 

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