In Focus: Lil Tjay ‘Destined to Win Tour’ Stops at the Westcott Theater

Lil Tjay, born in the Bronx, has become at just 18 years old one of his generation’s fastest breakout rappers, having performed since 2019, put on a thrilling show on Saturday, October 9 at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse. The Westcott inhabits a cinema style venue with a capacity of 700 people; it was a complete night and day difference before and after the crowd came through. Giving off a festival pit vibe upfront with a bar in the back, this is a perfect venue for the youth. The stage is easy to see from all angles which is very inviting.

One of many stops on the “Destined to Win Tour” Tjay performed a series of his latest hits such as “Headshot”(featuring. Polo G), and one of his top hits with almost 400 Million plays, “Calling my Phone.” A variety of performers preceded Lil Tday’s set, including Jacosse, The Real Raw Breed, Syndacit, Kyy Stacks, Kaash Paige and Rassandra, also known as RazyBaby, who recently dropped a song with Tjay called “In too Deep.”

Host for the night, Concert Crave, played various top rap hits throughout the concert which entertained the crowd in the pit, VIP section and throughout the known ‘sidelines.’

During “Calling My Phone,” Tjay and crew asked the crowd to put up the flashlights on their phones. This immediately lit up the venue and created an amazing atmosphere for the crowd, fans and all performers. 

lil tjay

Tjay appealed to the audience with phones lit up in the sky and performed “What You Wanna Do,” followed by “Mood Swings.” Shortly after, Rasandra came on stage not once but twice after Lil Tjay brought her out on stage to perform their new single “In too Deep.”

Throughout the show, various artists were throwing water into the crowd, taking selfies with front row fans, encouraging mosh pits, and even throwing merch to various crowd members. 

At a prime point, Tjay ripped off his shirt and threw it into the audience, which brought the crowd to an uproar, captivating his audience and making the best of that night.

With millions of views and millions of fans, Tjay’s career has only shortly begun. Relating to the younger crowd, he speaks to his generation, relating to teen and young adult struggles, and also his own. Lil Tjay has come a long way and will continue on the path ahead of him. 

Lil Tjay next performs in New York at Citi Field on October 30, part of Rolling Loud. More info here.

Source Perri Sage Lancaster

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