Togs Come Alive with Debut EP “More of Your Favorites”

Togs, a new band formed in Brooklyn, are self-releasing their debut EP More of Your Favorites today. Set to a groove-laced indie rock jam, a cyclist out for a cruise gets mugged and chases his attackers into a twisted disco nightmare. The release is accompanied by the adventurous music video for lead single “Disco Ball Shoes”.

“Disco Ball Shoes” via YouTube

After first coming together in 2018, Togs found a new stride while living through the pandemic by playing socially-distant shows from their stoop in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The stoop was upgraded to an outdoor, backyard venue where full-day shows became regular programming.  Back in May, Togs headlined a party for a full-house and played the final version of More of Your Favorites for the first time. The band has natural chemistry and were noticeably “at-home” playing in front of friends, family, and strangers who heard the music from the street.

More of Your Favorites Cover Art, Designed by Graci Mills

Specializing in “angular music suitable for aqua-aerobics, wave simulation, and so much more,” the original 4-piece lineup consists of Graci Mills on guitar and keys, Colin Vallee on guitar and vocals, Abbie Krinsky on drums and vocals, and Justin Birmingham on bass and vocals. New member Tony Catalano joined the group in 2021 to round out the live show on guitar and effects.

You can see Togs this Friday, July 16th, headlining a release party at Gold Sounds in Bushwick with support from Night Coast and Plastic Hag. You can find the EP on their BandCamp or Spotify pages.

Togs Headlining the Doomyard, 5/22/2021 – Photo By: Buscar Photo

Check out more photos from May’s Doomyard show below and keep your eyes peeled for more shows to come this summer.

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