Lomotif Announces Global Talent Search ‘You’ve Been Scouted’

Lomotif has announced the creation of ‘You’ve Been Scouted’, a global talent competition. The grand prize winner will receive an exclusive record label contract and producing commitment. ‘You’ve Been Scouted’ will open on July 12, 2021 on the official You’ve Been Scouted channel on the Lomotif app

The competition will last for nine weeks and features Lomotif’s partnership with Grammy® Award winning producer, singer and lyricist Teddy Riley. Teddy Riley is known for his work with iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and BTS. The grand prize winner of the contest will actually be chosen by Lomotif users using the Lomotif app. 

Lomotif is the leading video-sharing social networking platform that is democratizing video creation. It has been granted three technology patents uniquely focused on empowering creators to share and watch short videos with ease through remix and collaboration. It’s an up and coming platform being chosen by Snapchat for a bi-directional integration for posting stories between the two platforms as one of only five partners.

Teddy Riley spoke on the compotinon saying, “I’ve already been on Lomo every day starting the scouting process…. You never know when you could be Scouted. So get ready for life to change.” The ‘competition will try to copy the feeling of singing in a club and having a scout seek you out on a more modern platform. People interested in getting scouted can sign up on the app, giving their best performance. 

The first three weeks of the competition potential contestants will upload their audition clip on the official ‘You’ve Been Scouted’ Channel on the Lomotif app. The contest allows those who aren’t participating to nominate and elect upcoming artists by tagging them in the comments section of their video with the hashtag #scoutedbylomo. With users, their friends, and fans voting for them in the coming weeks, these participants can garner more votes via the Super Like button available for Lomotif users. By performing a set of in-app actions, the Super Like button shall present with 10 likes (votes) instead of one. 

This competition could be a great way for up and coming musicians in the New York region to prompt themselves and gain recognition and possibly even an exclusive record label contract and producing commitment.

For more information on the contest visit Lomotif’s website.

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