Michael Dorf Presents Carnegie Hall Livestream Show

Michael Dorf, Owner of City Winery, will present “The Best of Music ‘The Music of’ 2004-2020” live stream concert on April 15 from Carnegie Hall.

Michael Dorf Presents poster

In 1986 Dorf founded the Knitting Factory, a venue in New York City celebrating independent music. He managed to make the Knitting Factory an international success by expanding to Europe and Asia with tours, record deals and more. His relationships with Apple, Intel, MCI and Bell Atlantic made him a pioneer for producing music on the web.

Dorf left the Knitting Factory and worked on the Carnegie Hall concert fundraising series, founded a Hebrew School and ventured into winemaking. In 2008 combined his love for winemaking and music and founded City Winery. It became notorious as it is the city’s first winery, restaurant, music venue and space for private events. The company is now in six different states and Washington D.C.

Michael Dorf Presents’  began in 2004 and became an annual Carnegie Hall Tribute Series called Music of.  The fundraising series honored many major legends throughout the years including Aretha Franklin, Prince, David Bowie and much more. Through these concerts, they raised over $1.5 million and donated to organizations dedicated to music education for children.

With COVID-19 precautions still in effect, Michael Dorf Presents’ “The Best of Music ‘The Music of’ 2004-2020” will be virtual this year. The show will be live streaming from Carnegie Hall with a lineup of 21 artists including Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Patti Smith, and Glen Hansard to name a few.

Tickets for the live stream are $25 and there are also some VIP packages available. Viewers can pay $50 for entry to the live stream and for a signed poster or $50 for entry and a chance to talk to Michael Dorf on zoom before the show. There is also the $1,500 Give more donation package which includes entry to 20 upcoming streams and 100 percent of the donation going towards the donors chosen music education program.

“The Best of Music ‘The Music of’ of 2004-2020” is presented by City Winery and is powered by concert streaming platform, Mandolin. It streams on April 15 and begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase on the City Winery website.

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