Indie-Pop Artist Gerald Slevin Begins Solo Journey with ‘Kiss To the Future’

NYC indie-pop artist,  instrumentalist and visual artist, Gerald Slevin, releases his new single “Kiss to The Future” from his upcoming album Quantum Jitters.

Gerald Slevin
Picture of Gerald Slevin from Infraredmag

“Kiss to The Future” is Slevin’s first single, with a message of unity and optimism during these uncertain times. His inspiration came from his 4-year-old daughter during a hike when he saw her look to the sky and blow a kiss. She told Slevin that she was blowing a kiss to the future and that touched him. That accidental yet wholesome moment resulted in the song’s creation in 15 minutes.

The song is the first step towards Slevin’s solo career after fronting Brooklyn’s artpop group, The Color Bars. They gained attention from their psychedelic performances filled with layered vocal arrangements and instrument swapping. Slevin aims to do different and new things with every creation resulting in the band exploring vocals, art and instruments. While most of the group’s recordings were done by him, any time he was around other musicians it pushed him to explore new sounds and learn new instruments and skills. His innovative and unique productions will not change in his solo endeavors.

What does feel different, though, is the promotion side of it. It’s very liberating to be able to put music out under my own name, as simply an artist in the world, without the complications of describing the music as coming from a ‘band’ or a ‘project’. Having done that for so long, it feels very empowering to be more straightforward about it all

Slevin is an NYC native, however he recently moved to Ithaca, NY which inspired him while creating his album. In Ithaca, he is surrounded by nature with gorges and waterfalls all around and tall pine trees on his street. “Great horned owls live in them and sometimes I stalk them in the middle of the night. It sounds weird, but these kinds of experiences almost always cause melodies to start playing in my head. I sing them into my phone so I don’t forget them, and eventually that turns into a song,” said Slevin. There was a major shift from living in the social, chaotic city to living Upstate filled with tranquility and focus.

“Kiss to the Future” releases everywhere on Feb. 12 and is accompanied by a colorful music video. As a visual artist, Slevin creates his own cover art. The visuals match the message about looking forward to the future. This single is Slevin’s debut as a solo artist and he is starting with a message about being actively optimistic. This is the beginning of his solo journey and a taste of what is to come from his album Quantum Jitters.

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