Dopapod “Four Years Ended” Commemorates 1/20/21

Palindromic jam scene veterans Dopapod noted the dual significance of January 20, 2021 with a video for a ‘new’ song, “Four Years Ended.” The video was timed for 1/20/21 to honor the palindrome date, as well as the Inauguration of President Biden.

dopapod emit time four years ended

Dopapod has used palindromes (words spelled the same backward and forwards) as titles of albums – Emit Time, Redivider, Radar, Megagem, among others, as well as the date for album releases, not to mention the band’s name.

“Four Years Ended” is a reworking of the 2008 Dopapod track “Eight Years Ended,” the latter of which was inspired by the end of the Bush administration. This shorter, faster version of “Eight Years Ended” was crafted for the end of the Trump administration, which only lasted four years and ended on January 20, 2021.

Watch “Four Years Ended” below.

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