Endicott Performing Arts Center Names new Executive Director

The Endicott Performing Arts Center (EPAC) Board of Directors has announced that Joseph Foti has been named Executive Director. The promotion to Executive Director will help EPAC continue to provide high quality entertainment and arts education to the community.

The promotion allows Pat Foti to continue in his role as the Artistic and Program Director of EPAC, harnassing his passion to present the community with cutting edge performing arts productions.

EPAC Endicott Performing Arts Center

Joe previously served as Business Manager for the past five years, which has shown that his expertise and business sense will be a valuable asset to EPAC well into the future. Per a press release, Joe has been instrumental in navigating the often confusing recent economic shutdown that has and continues to threaten every small business in our community. EPAC has managed to survive this COVID-19 pandemic and global health crisis by quickly adapting to the changing landscape of online entertainment and remote education, as well as adhering to all health and safety regulations for public and private social gatherings.

EPAC Endicott Performing Arts Center

New Executive Director Joe Foti on what lies ahead for EPAC:

I would like to thank the EPAC Board of Directors for entrusting me with this great responsibility of bringing this truly amazing and unique performing arts center out of these dark times we’re living in. The EPAC mission has always been about diversity and inclusiveness, and is now needed more than ever. It allows us here at EPAC to reach across the poverty gap by providing the performing arts to the entire community at affordable prices. We offer financial assistance and scholarships to underprivileged families who participate in our Kids Theater Workshops, as well as offering free services to the entire community with programs like the Puppet Tree Project and the Shakespeare in the Park event. These programs are meant to provide entertainment and artistic education to the community outside of the EPAC Venue, for people who might not otherwise get to experience Live Performing Arts. EPAC Digital is the new online platform that will allow us to continue our mission by providing high quality entertainment and arts education to the entire community at an affordable price. So that everyone with access to the internet can experience the EPAC Magic in the comfort of their own home.

In addition to the EPAC mission, we plan on becoming the Premiere Digital Recording Center for Live Performance Arts Organizations in the Greater Binghamton Area. We will promote and create digital performance art and education through Virtual Classes, Live Streaming Events and Pre-Recorded Digital Productions. This will enrich the local Arts Community by Connecting Artists and Students through on-line EPAC Digital Projects and Programs. We will secure the Endicott Performing Arts Center as a Safe Space for the entire community to perform, learn, and grow as artists and Human Beings. I will personally guarantee that live audiences and volunteers will feel safe and healthy when they’re at the Endicott Performing Arts Center.

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