MF Doom may be gone, but ‘Madviallany 2’ is on the way

On December 31st, 2020, it’s safe to say most of us had our guard down.  After living through one of the most tragically eventful years in recent memory, we may have been operating under the false pretense that 2020 and all of the misfortunes that came with it were over. However, for the hip hop community, the final blow of 2020 had just been announced, and that was the passing of enigmatic, masked MC, MF DOOM.

MF Doom

Daniel Dumile, best known by the stage name MF Doom, was without a doubt, the most powerful voice in the underground rap scene. MF Doom spent nearly two decades dominating dusty- lo-fi beats, entangling complex rhymes, and his unexpected word choices. Releases such as Operation: Doomsday, MM…FOOD, and Born Like This cemented Dumile as a legend in the underground rap scene.

News has surfaced that may help us fans along with the grieving process. Stones Throw Records has received permission to release the long-awaited Madvillany 2. Madvillany, one of Dumile’s most notable releases, a collaborative project with legendary producer Madlib, may be receiving the public release of its long-awaited sequel, Madvillany 2.

The announcement of the pending posthumous release was first made during a recent episode of Pete Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds’ shared podcast, Juan Ep is Dead. Stones Throw Records founder, Peanut Butter Wolf, confirmed during the interview that MF DOOM was working on the highly-anticipated follow-up and, that Stones Throw had received the late MCs Family’s approval to release the project.

“DOOM was always telling me ‘It’s 85% done, it’s 85% done.,’ said Wolf during the interview. As of right now, Wolf and the label are unsure of what to do with the tracks, however, they do plan on releasing them as the long-awaited sequel, Madvillany 2.

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