House of Yes and Secret Dance Addiction Partnership Set to Promote Safer Partying

House of Yes, a creative and theatre-infused nightclub in Bushwick Brooklyn, recently partnered with Secret Dance Addiction to host their sober virtual dance experience Ancient Aliens on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m.  The virtual event will livestream on the House of Yes Twitch platform and the Secret Dance Addiction Zoom Party to provide a dance experience that does not require alcohol to participate.

House of Yes

The event will include a DJ set from the Founders of Secret Dance Addiction, a disco house set from Silec, and Global Soul sounds from DJ Sabine Blaizin, a House of Yes resident. In addition to music, the Ancient Alien experience will also have a costume contest, facial reading sessions, and a virtual bar experience with alcohol-free Lyre’s cocktails. House of Yes and Secret Dance Addiction hopes to elevate the message of positive partying with a sober-curious experience with Ancient Aliens.

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“We are partnering with Secret Dance Addiction because we are drawn to their mission to build a mindful dance community that doesn’t require alcohol to participate. We recognize that many members of our community are sober-curious and appreciate the opportunity to learn about alternative and healthier ways to party. We want to foster genuine connections between people, where we call on them to participate in the experiences we design with their full attention and intention, and we feel like Secret Dance Addiction vibrates on that same frequency.”

Jacqui Rabkin, Marketing and Cultural Director at House of Yes

Ambie and Mike Handby founded the Secret Dance Addiction online platform to promote prioritizing health and connection over intoxicants used when partying. Any sober DJ, artist, creator, or participant can unite in a mindful and addiction-free dance music community. The goal of House of Yes is to unite creative-minded people at their Brooklyn venue to fuel passion and inspiration while providing entertainment.

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