Twiddle Gets New Jersey Slippin Out The Kitchen Into the Mud at Sussex Drive-In

It was the night after Halloween in Sussex, NJ. All who dared to traverse the wind and rain were met with a field of mud and fans. Twiddle got New Jersey Slipping’ brought the heat to their last drive-in show, this past Sunday November 1 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. This show featured high energy and dynamic jams throughout both sets. Highlights included a monstrous Gatsby The Great > Slippin’ In The Kitchen > Gatsby The Great in the first set, an incredible Cabbage Face in the second set, and a roaring Juggernaut encore.

Twiddle Drive-In
Twiddle at the Sussex Fairgrounds Drive In

The line of cars leading up to the show looked intimidating, but cars were being moved to their spots quickly and with ease. Social distancing was enforced and masks were widespread, minimal panic. Goes to show that live music events, even though reminiscent of a futuristic, dystopian, post apocalyptic scenario… can be done safely and successfully.

Twiddle Drive-In
Lights by Herm Lights

It was raining all day and some at the show. After the sun went down it felt freezing. During a wet, cold night like this it’s vital that the band ‘bring the heat’ to get the crowd moving. In a situation like that, if the music is slow and not captivating people will leave because it’s uncomfortable to stand outside. But if it’s thumping and everyone’s dancing, you bet they’re going to stay.

Twiddle Drive-In
Ryan Dempsey takes a rare keytar solo

Twiddle brought it. Dynamic, bass heavy, shredding, face melting goodness, no kumbaya sing songy b.s… Okay maybe one “When it Rains It Pours,” but that one’s so catchy and appropriate for the night that we’ll let it slide.

Twiddle Drive-In
We’re not in Vermont anymore

The first set started out with Polluted Beauty, some positivity to lift the spirits and get the crowd going. Then the monstrous Gatsby The Great >Slippin’ In The Kitchen > Gatsby The Great which took up most of the first set, weaving in and out of intricate grooves. “Syncopated Healing” closed up the killer first set.

Twiddle Drive-In
Mihali x3

Set two featured the popular “When It Rains It Pours,” a monstrous “Cabbage Face,” and “Frankenfoote” to close up the set. Set two featured a wider variety of songs and grooves. Ryan Dempsey took a key-tar solo, got up on his chair to play with his foot, and threw a pumpkin at the crowd which masterfully bounced on the rail and missed anyone around.

Twiddle Drive-In
Brook Jordan shining

Twiddle put on an incredible show; their fans were screaming for more. They return with a hard rocking “Juggernaut” encore to close up the show.

Twiddle Drive-In
Twiddle New Jersey “Juggernaut” encore

My car neighbors mentioned they’ve seen Twiddle twice before and it got me thinking: I’ve been spoiled to see and shoot this band all around the states for over five years now. And I must say that I’ve always like the band, but after this show I think I’m a true fan.

You gotta like apples, man

Twiddle at Sussex County Fairgrounds 11/1/20

  • Set 1:
    • Polluted Beauty
    • Gatsby The Great >Slippin’ In The Kitchen > Gatsby The Great
    • Syncopated Healing
  • Set 2:
    • Hattie’s Jam
    • When It Rains It Pours
    • Cabbage Face
    • Brown Chicken Brown Cow
    • River Drift
    • Blunderbuss
    • Frankenfoote
  • Encore:
    • Juggernaut
    • 1- Harry Potter, Halloween theme teases
    • 2- Ghostbusters tease
    • 3- Canon in D

Twiddle New Jersey

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