Crash the Calm,”Devils” sets the tone for Upcoming LP

Long Island group, Crash the Calm, have released their debut single, “Devils,” from their upcoming sophomore album, A Town Named Nowhere.

crash the calm

Crash the Calm entered the scene in December 2014, and released their debut single “Holes.” It was considered their demo at the time, and was followed by the band signing to indie label, Downport Records. They eventually recorded their debut album, How’ve You Been?, at VuDu Studios with Nick Starrantino, Dom Nastasi & Mike Watts. They also released an EP in 2018, titled Split. It was recorded with Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte at Westfall Studios.

The band have played in many shows locally and across the East Coast. They have opened up for and shared the stage with bands such as Pianos Become the Teeth, Save Face, Capstan, Elder Brother, Belmont, Bay Faction, Head North, Heart Attack Man, Kayak Jones, The Republic of Wolves, bloom., Gatherers, Stories Untold, and the Sparrows. Crash Calm have also had stadium experience in Queens and opened up at the Citi Field in Flushing, NY.

Following the EP, a third of the five members left for personal reasons. Remaining members, Brian Dowling and Patrick Smith, had almost lost hope for the band. However, an idea blossomed from the moment, and the concept for their second album, A Town Named Nowhere was soon in the works.

The album is centered on the fictional town of “Nowhere,” which captures the different perspectives of the townspeople. Each perspective must resolve and contain their own inner struggle, in addition to the rampant dust storms and destined economic ruin they inevitably face. The record wants people to find their way through life-altering experiences and restore situations that seem beyond repair.

The concept of “Nowhere” came to guitarists Brian Dowling (also a singer) and Patrick Smith when they felt at a place where their only option was to rebuild from nothing. They went to the studio to record the album in 2019 with new members Dan LeBrun (Guitar), Johnny Pots (Drums) and Dave Van Nostrand (Bass). They recorded their 2nd LP with Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte of Westfall Studios, which was a familiar ground for the band.

Their first single, “Devils,” is also accompanied by a dark lyric video, visualising the experiences of the Dust Bowl era. Crash the Calm have been juvenated for their upcoming release, and will tour once health conditions permit. In the meantime, the band plans for a number of music videos and digital performances to support the album. Their new single is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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