Lift Every Vote Campaign Asks Musicians to Join Together in Encouraging Voter Turnout

Lift Every Vote Campaign encourages musicians to join together for one last push in voter turn out before election day on November 3, 2020. Musicians that have already joined include Lizzo, Tank and the Bangas, Robert Glasper, and many more.

The Lift Every Vote’s mission is to expand the electorate and work to ensure that every U.S. citizen has both the right and ability to vote.  They try to accomplish this in three  different ways.  Firstly, they support local, 501(c)3 voting organizations with labor, consulting, and donations.  Secondly, they use non-partisan framing teaching voters, legislators, and activists how voting is currently regulated and administered in the U.S.  Thirdly, they find high-quality, accurate, peer-reviewed voting studies and research. Overall they hope to propose solutions-based, non-partisan activities to move our country towards our goal of universal suffrage.

Lift Every Vote’s 2020 campaign was inspired by the summer-long grassroots efforts led by The Blacksmiths and the Wide Awakes, which organized peaceful rallies infused with music and art around New York City fighting for social justice after the murder of George Floyd. Jazz musician and double bassist Russell Hall led a ‘second line’ marching band at marches, rallies, and peaceful protests with the direct intention to bring joy and music to the movement.

As the campaign reaches an end with the election rapidly approaching the Lift Every Vote Campaign is making a final call to all creators and performers—musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists, and others—to harness their talents, organize, and present pop-up performances that inspire the country’s greatest ever voter turnout. 

In the course of just over 3 weeks, the campaign has seen over 3 million impressions on Instagram and over 1,000 submissions, with the momentum continuing to ramp up exponentially as the election countdown reaches its conclusion. The Lift Every Vote Campaign encourages people to participants by streaming and sharing their performances and events on social media using the hashtag #lifteveryvote and to nominate peers to take part in the challenge. 

For more information on the Campaign visit Lift Every Vote’ website.

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