Trey Anastasio to perform weekly Twitch series “The Beacon Jams”

Trey Anastasio will hold a series of free live concerts from the Beacon Theatre, in partnership with MSG Entertainment. The Friday night series, dubbed The Beacon Jams, will kick off on October 9 at 8pm and run through November 27, featuring both acoustic and electric performances, as well as home audience interaction, with surprises in store. The series of performances will stream exclusively on Twitch, in partnership with Relix Magazine.

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While each performance of The Beacon Jams is free, fans are encouraged to donate to the WaterWheel Foundation, and its new Divided Sky Fund (DSF). The proceeds will be used to deliver help to those affected by addiction and help further plans to open a treatment center in Vermont.

When we thought about playing the Beacon, I was reminded of the meaning of the word. A beacon is a beam of light, often from a lighthouse, which sends it out to sailors who are lost at sea and all alone. They look for the beacon and it guides them home.
Sometimes gifts come wrapped in strange packages. A lot of this is thanks to Twitch and our friends and family at MSG Entertainment. When the idea to do these benefits was born, everybody at MSG Entertainment jumped in and partnered with us and the Divided Sky Fund, which is very kind of them. This is an opportunity for forward motion.

Trey Anastasio, on The Beacon Jams

The WaterWheel Foundation, created by Phish in 1997 to oversee the band’s charitable endeavors, partners with local non-profits while Phish is on tour, and partnering with national organizations during times of need, donating millions of dollars over the past 20+ years.

The Divided Sky Fund will focus on delivering quality care and compassionate treatment for those suffering from addiction. Fans will be encouraged to donate throughout the eight-week event; net proceeds from merchandise sales during The Beacon Jams will go directly to the DSF.

I’ve been sober for 13 years. It’s a great blessing in my life. We started talking about the idea of a treatment center about a year ago. I was worried that the project would get derailed because of the pandemic but it didn’t – it actually picked up steam; things are really rolling along now. The Beacon Jams emerged as a way to raise money for it while also allowing me to play for the fans again.

Trey Anastasio, on the Divided Sky Fund
Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

Executive Vice President of MSG Entertainment, Darren Pfeffer spoke highly of the new series.

We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Trey on this very special and first-ever virtual residency at the Beacon Theatre to benefit two immensely important causes – the Divided Sky Fund and the WaterWheel Foundation.
As we navigate the live music scene through this socially distant world, we couldn’t think of a more natural way to bring live music to so many fans for such a great cause. Trey’s connection not only with the Beacon Theatre, but with all our venues over the years, including Madison Square Garden, The Chicago Theatre, and Radio City Music Hall, have made this unique concept a perfect partnership.

Darren Pfeffer, Executive VP of MSG Entertainment

Twitch, a platform finding immense popularity in the last year due to the increase in streaming of online performances, also celebrated the partnership.

We could not be more excited to be part of this amazing partnership with Trey Anastasio and MSG Entertainment to help raise donations for such worthy causes. Twitch offers the same intimate experience that artists and their audiences have come to expect from live shows. Over the course of this virtual residency, fans of Trey and Phish will be able to attend performances from anywhere in the world, while feeling like they are right in the front row of the Beacon.

Will Farrell-Green, Head of Music Content at Twitch
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Trey Anastasio has been busy since March, releasing numerous songs on his Instagram account, culminating with releasing an album featuring many of these songs, Lonely Trip. Anastasio was also the first in-studio musical guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in late August, performing alongside the Roots.

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