Dopapod digs into the vault, releases ‘Some Demos’

Dopapod has released a collection of demos from over their decade-plus career, aptly titled Some Demos. The demos are mastered by Luke Stratton, and with a demo of “Turning Knobs” streaming now and the entire album available download at Bandcamp.

dopapod demos

These are the tracks I sent to Rob, Chuck, and Neal before we started to learn and rehearse the songs. You can hear how much some of them changed once everyone gave their input and influence. Many of these were written in the van on my laptop as we traveled between shows.

Eli Winderman, keys, Dopapod

SOME DEMOS is now available for download on Bandcamp – name your own price. Tracklist below:

1. Trickery (Demo)
2. Bubblebrain (Demo)
3. Live in the Dream (Demo)
4. Turnin’ Knobs (Demo)
5. FABA (Demo)
6. Like a Ball (Demo)
7. My Elephant vs. Your Elephant (Demo)
8. Mucho (Demo)
9. Bluetooth (Demo)
10. Blast (Demo)
11. Piazole (Demo)
12. Psycho Nature (Demo)
13. Weedie (Demo)
14. Present Ghosts (Demo)
15. STADA (Demo)

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