Tom Petty Estate share “Wildflowers” homerecording, album reissue date

The estate of the late Tom Petty has released the solo demo version of his classic track “Wildflowers (Home Recording).” The video premieres alongside a video featuring never before seen footage of Tom at his home, shot by Martyn Atkins during the recording of Wildflowers.

Thanks to commitment from his family, bandmates and collaborators, many who helped unearth previously unheard gems, help to fulfill Tom’s vision of this project is becoming a reality.

You can pre-order the long-awaited reissue and comprehensive collection Wildflowers & All The Rest now, which will be released on October 16.

Petty Legacy – Adria, Annakim and Dana Petty – shared the following statement upon the announcement of the album’s reissue:

We are so excited to announce that we will finally be releasing Wildflowers and its long anticipated second album All The Rest, Tom’s solo masterpiece and first collaboration with Rick Rubin as co-producer.

Curating this project was a beautiful experience for us. We’re releasing the collection as Tom envisioned along with a number of additions exploring the two year writing and recording process and live performances of songs from Tom and the Heartbreakers over the years.

We found so many incredible unreleased demos, versions of songs, notes, lyrics, and film reels in our archives. We look forward to sharing a number of special goodies with you all.

In this intimidating endeavor we continued to work alongside Tom’s trusted bandmates and team: Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Rick Rubin and Ryan Ulyate as well as Mary Klauzer and Alan “Bugs” Weidel, to lovingly curate each disc and keep it as close to what we believe “rings true” to what Tom would have wanted. We are so grateful to them for their unique knowledge.
We hope you find joy and inspiration in this music and the magical world Tom created.

We are honored to steward the warmth he shared through his music and relationship with fans.

We hope you find it uplifting and love it as much as we do.

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