Consider The Source Announces Radiohead Themed Live Stream

Consider The Source is putting on a free live Stream concert that will feature their Radiohead themed set. The live stream will take place on July 25 at 9PM EST on their Facebook or YouTube pages. 

Consider The Source are self identified, “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Prog-Rockers” that have been touring for the last 15 years. The trio formed back in 2004 and five studio albums, two live albums, and one compilation. The group hails from NYC and has dubbed their fans the “Sourcerors.”

The trio have had their Radiohead set in the works for years. They created their Radiohead rearrangements a few years ago when they introduced the concept of recreating the classic radiohead sound at select festivals and venues. Now people will have the opportunity to experience this unique Radiohead performance from the comfort of their own homes. People may wonder if a trio can recreate the radiohead sound but they believes they have mastered the recreation. Radiohead is known for its sound that oozes of texture, tones and technology, all while supporting Thom Yorke’s vocals. Recreating this sound would prove impossible for most instrumental trios but they have managed to use their virtuosic abilities and cutting edge collection of gear to do so while also maintaining their own unique sound. 

This live stream will be a real treat for Consider The Source, Radiohead, or music fans in general. The trio has two pro-shot music videos for “Paranoid Android” and “Reckoner” as a sneak peak of what people can expect during the live stream. The full show can be viewed on Saturday, July 25th at 9pm EST on the their Facebook or YouTube pages. 

For more information on Consider The Source and the live stream event visit their website.

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