Sunday Jazz: listen to a 2009 performance of The Earregulars at Manhattan’s The Ear Inn

Manhattan’s historic The Ear Inn has played a pivotal role in the music scene and beyond. It’s the oldest bar in New York City that has continuously served alcohol since 1817. Check out this recording of The Earregulars, from November 2009 via JAZZ LIVES.

The Ear Inn has a very unique history after being open for two centuries. It dates back to a time where there was African aide to George Washington and The Ear served as residence for John Adams and Aaron Burr, among others. The Ear Inn was nicknamed by patrons as an untitled bar (“The Green Door”) for obvious reasons. As a result, the bar is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Buildings.

the ear inn

Go ahead and enjoy these video selections of The Earregulars performing at The Ear Inn on November 8, 2009. The videos feature a plethora of musicians: Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), Matt Munisteri (guitar), Harry Allen (tenor saxophone), and Neal Miner (string bass). They also include Victor Herbert’s “Indian Summer” and Louis Armstrong’s swinging anthem of reproach, “Someday You’ll be Sorry.”

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