Nicolas McCoppin “Remember the Night” pays homage to LGBTQ and Black communities

Up-and-coming LGBTQ artist Nicolas McCoppin has released the new song “Remember That Night” that recalls his first queer relationship just in time for Pride Month. Co-written with Krysta Youngs and produced by Nick Trapani, the song is about McCoppin’s memories driving down the beach, staring at the stars, and walking down Arthur Avenue in the Bronx with his love interest.

Nicolas McCoppin

Continuing the streak of 80s-inspired dance-pop explored in McCoppin’s previous singles, the song is reminiscent of other pop artists with strong LGBTQ fanbases such as Charli XCX, Hayley Kiyoko, and Troye Sivan. “Remember That Night” shares their catchy melodies, danceable beats, and romantic lyrics, making it a natural pride anthem.

Pride isn’t the only social movement associated with the song, though. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests against police brutality, McCoppin is donating proceeds from “Remember That Night” to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Association, a collective made up of Black trans artists, activists, and educators helping protesters with resources, medical care, and bail. On Twitter he shared that he tried to postpone the song’s release, but since it wasn’t possible he decided to donate the proceeds instead.

“This song’s concept is a puzzle piece of a bigger idea from my debut EP,” McCoppin said. “I’m so excited to finally have this song out in the world.” “Remember That Night” is the third single off the debut EP from Nicolas McCoppin, due out later this summer.

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