Mick Fury brings together independent musicians for “Front Porch of America”

Guitarist Mick Fury thought we could all use a little pick me up, so he reached out to independent musicians across the country and assembled them into a small orchestra. The resulting song, “Front Porch of America,” encoruages empathy as we push through COVID-19, and features a number of Upstate New York musicians.

I was thinking if there was ever a time folks could use a pick me up, this situation we’re all going through is one of those. Music has a way to cut through the noise and I thought a song like “Front Porch of America” could offer some hope and empathy to those that are struggling. I reached out to all my independent musician friends from around the country and asked if they’d be willing to film themselves from their house or front porch singing/playing the part of this song that spoke to them the loudest.

“Front Porch of America” is written by Mick Fury & Sean Patrick McGraw. Musicians from New York and surrounding areas include Tommy Connors (Syracuse, NY), Chad Hollister (Worchester, VT), Billy Harrison (Syracuse, NY), Joey Lewis (Buffalo, NY) and Rich Ortiz (Albany, NY).

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