Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with ‘Cinco’ from Albany’s Taco Night

Born out of a local 518 basement, Taco Night is all about good time rock and roll. For the past four years or so, on Friday night, this group of friends has practiced what they love while being inspired and nourished by the tacos they’ve prepared for the evening’s festivities. And boy, do the Taco Night guys know tacos – they even have a few recipes for your Cinco de Mayo dining pleasure!

Taco Night combines blues, classic rock, funk, and soul with their own spicy blend of improvisation. “Cinco,” which debuted three years ago at their first Cinco de Mayo show has a message of fun, positivity and friendship, something we could all use right now. The catchy chorus will have you asking, “Why can’t everyday be Cinco de Mayo?”

Taco Night hopes this video helps everyone have a happy Cinco de Mayo. They’ll be diving into their vast archive of tunes and will be releasing more music as we all wait to see what happens to the local live music scene in the Capital District and beyond. Please support your local establishments however you can and hopefully we can all safely see shows again someday soon.

If you need some taco inspiration or are looking to try something new at home, here are some of Taco Night’s favorites for days like today. 

Easy Carnitas, Double Decker Tacos, and as seen below, Bacon Fat Tortillas!

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