Hearing Aide: Levi Robin “Where Night Meets Day”

New York-based folk artist Levi Robin has released his brand new album When Night Meets Day, which takes us on a journey through a powerful collection of songs that Levi spent writing over the course of several years. Much of the album is influenced by Levi’s fascination and dedication to the kabbalistic and Chassidic teachings of Torah, though it may not be conveyed in a way the listener expects or recognizes.

For one, most everything is written in parable. Also one might expect spirituality to come with some sort of detached enlightenment, heavenly contentment and unbounded idealism, and that would be true if the soul was in a heavenly world right now, but in truth we are souls embodied in a material world, facing challenges and concealments, tests and tribulations. Our lives are of extreme paradox with dynamic highs and lows. And so, Where Night Meets Day is Levi’s invitation to you; to enter a purposeful and intentional embrace of life’s dichotomies, night and day, life and death, pain and pleasure, detachment and embrace, transience and eternity…

The album opens up with “No Other,” a carefully picked guitar track that smoothly transcends into an upbeat folk song. This song truly launches the album and sets the mood for the record. Throughout the album are songs like “Alabama” and “Hey Love” that have a pleasant atmospheric, airy tone accompanied with soft vocals, which serve as a blanket for all your potential fears and anxiety. Levi has been hard at work on new material with Grammy-nominated bassist, composer, and producer Stu Brooks and Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Joel Hamilton. Be sure to stay tuned this year for more music and content releases from Levi Robin.

Key Tracks: No Other, Days of our Youth, Alabama

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