Thin Lear Releases Single ‘Maniacs’ and Announces New Album

Indie singer-songwriter Matt Longo, known as Thin Lear, has announced a new album queued for release on April 24. The full-length album Wooden Cave will be released under Egghunt Records and is primed to be a wonderful addition to Thin Lear’s already stellar collection of songs. He has yet to release a full-length album, but has been releasing singles and an EP that solidify the singer as a whimsical and thoughtful songwriter as well. Prior to the album release, Thin Lear put out a new single, “Maniacs.” Drawing from influences that range from Leonard Cohen, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, to Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman and Sam Cooke, to the leaders of the ’70s like John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, Longo creates a vibrant and exciting track that sits perfectly in the pocket and allows the melody to develop.

Regarding the album as a whole, Longo says, “Disillusioned people getting lost in self-destructive or just generally dangerous thinking is a major theme of this album…the narrator in ‘Maniacs’ is pitching a cult-like community to an alienated, uncherished internet dweller. And you just know it’s going to be a rapid descent for this person, that they’ll soon be indoctrinated. That relentlessly chugging beat and the quick, dynamic changes in the song reflect a desperation and rapidly changing attitude. I wanted the song to feel like one breathless, spiraling fall from the very start, with that mellotron-laden opening. And I knew I needed a wild, unhinged sax solo at the end. It was really the only choice for the conclusion of the track.” And a wild sax solo indeed takes the song out on a more manic note, capping off a great first peek into what’s to come this April.

Listeners can find the new single on streaming platforms, and can pre-order the upcoming album on the Egghunt Records Bandcamp page. Thin Lear will also be playing at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC on April 16, just prior to the album’s release. Until then, explore and enjoy delving into the deft songwriting Thin Lear is certain to become known for.

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