BAYNK Shapes Up Webster Hall

On the unexpectedly warm evening of February 22, a line of eager concert-goers snaked around the corner and onto the street parallel to Webster Hall.  Lighthearted chatter filled the late Saturday night air.

“I’ve never seen the line this long…”

Who are you guys here to see? Are they really this good?”

They were there to see BAYNK, a Kiwi artist that blends intricately layered beats with soothing vocals to produce mellow earworms. Splashing onto the music scene accidentally in 2016 after posting a single to SoundCloud that garnered attention on HypeMachine, the producer has come a long way in five years.  


A move to L.A. and two EPs deep, BAYNK has also stepped up his live performance. The artist largely performs within the confines of a frame-like rectangular LED display, which is pre-programmed with visuals that reflect the intricacy of his music. 

For individuals who are at the show just to dance and sing, BAYNK has them covered too. Whipping out his best dance moves to his higher tempo songs, he hypes up the crowd to dance along with him—which they do with no hesitation.

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