Shannon Hoon Documentary to be released in 2020

A documentary capturing the final years of Blind Melon frontman Shannon Hoon is slated to be released in 2020, per Variety. Both Double E Pictures and Live Nation Productions were recently added as executive producers for the film, which was created using more than 200 hours of the late singer-songwriter’s home videos from Grammy-winning videographer and acclaimed photographer Danny Clinch. Hoon and Clinch were close friends, and Clinch co-directed the documentary alongside Taryn Gould and Colleen Hennessy. Find out more info here.

“We realized that we basically had all these videos of a guy who was videotaping himself obsessively for five years from before he was famous up until really the day of his death,” Clinch told Variety. “It was the dawn of technology where people started to film each other, and he was way ahead of the curve in a way. It’s kind of one of the earliest moments of someone who was self-archiving his own life.”

Hoon died from an overdose at age 28, following the monumental success of Blind Melon’s 1992 eponymous debut.

“He was really an endearing character,” Clinch told Rolling Stone in 2015. “He could just become your best friend right away. His energy was great. He was really creative and super friendly. He definitely liked to have a good time and he enjoyed the rock and roll lifestyle for sure.”

A Kickstarter was launched in 2015 for the documentary, which has been in the works since then, and has been screen at Tribeca Film Festival and the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

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