Bape Galore: Billie Essco x Raz Fresco Get Technosonic on the Cream Tape

Raz Fresco collaborated with Billie Essco? Say less, though! It’s only right that these two also teamed up with The 6th Letter – an underground producer who emerged circa 2010-2011. Hence, this mixtape takes it all the way back to the back of the Cadillac and makes you feel so fly. The smooth tunes will certainly take you for a ride and makes you want hoodie season to be every season.

Initially, the internal rhymes stood out between Fresco/Essco – the interesting part about this mixtape on paper points to the Jonny Shipes connection. Shipes propelled Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era a great deal amongst several talented others along the way. 6th Letter/Raz Fresco opened on Jonny Shipes ‘Smokers Club’ Tour in 2011. Later, they hosted their own ‘Bakers Club’ in Toronto, Raz/6th’s respective hometown.

Furthermore, Kazaa/Ares/Limewire Days evolved into the MySpace/Worldstar/Datpiff essentially within decades. Judiciously, the pace of the world continues to turn on its axis. Rotationally, each spin may contain an urge to splurge on some Bape – quick hint – hit Pondon for authentic gear. Either way, when these tracks play it puts the listener in a space-time-continuum loop that engulfs the audience all throughout the experience.

Nonetheless, sensationalism within journalism must perish. Within the aura and orchestral collection of gems these gentlemen pieced together a fully textured and evenly weaved garment of a mixtape. Truly, a piece of history to have heard this formulaic foundry of intertwined intricacies.

TCT Track Reviews

Track: Getting Baked in the Bakery

Notes: “Mary go round” line symbolizes the amount of haziness provided.

Music supplies, “Homeostasis brainwave shifts.”

“Closet is brolic” means that their apparel selection and wardrobe stands next to impeccable.

Cream team on these tracks represent the trifecta of making the listener feel fly.

Thus, the accompaniment of “wisdom and mic divine” together combine to make an incredible project.

Track: 05 Baby Milo

Notes: Track brings great energy and tempo to an all-inclusive listening experience.

Track: Favorite Sweater

Notes: This track definitely has the most bop and best soul out of any of them

Quotable: “She turned the capital sweater into a crop top 

Almost got cut off for that but she my top stop

We go back like blank tees from Top Shop 

Calmly mami graduate to Givenchy.”

Track: Patent Leather Bapestas

Notes: These artists hit the track with a trifecta of angles. This track reminds you of an old school Wale track as this whole tape makes the listener feel fly. 

Quotables: “All Star Lebron the blue resembling Neptune 

Basquiats in the bedroom 

On the flights you know it’s emergency 

Real leg room in first class

I ain’t camera shy get real close and see the details.”

Other tracks like “Japanese Fabrics” and “Multiple Choice” stood out amongst a collection of wavy tunes. Make sure to tap in and ride the waves.

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