Metalcore band Destroy//Create shed light on mental health and addiction through “Hang On” and “Let Go” videos

Rochester five-piece metalcore band Destroy//Create have released “Let Go,” the companion video to the recently released “Hang On.” Taken together, the two-part single/video series focuses on mental health and addiction. Both tracks were produced by distinguished metalcore guitarist, Justin Deblieck (Ice Nine Kills).

This visually captivating music video is directed by Josiahx (Ice Nine Kills, Sirens and Sailors, Like Moths To Flames) and shows the aftermath of part one’s story of two intimate individuals, both struggling with similar situations: coping with depression, anxiety and past trauma that has manifested itself into a psychosis. 

One character uses art as an outlet to express and endure her pain, the other takes a more destructive path and turns to drugs and alcohol as a coping method.  This video is Destroy//Create’s way of using their art as an opportunity to shed light on the issues of addiction and mental health, which are clearly prevalent in today’s society.

Destroy//Create was formed in 2016 by lead vocalist Adrian Blackwell, guitarist Jimmy Gardner, and drummer Jeff Cole. Shortly after their inception, the trio added Mike McCann on bass. After about a year of playing together, the 4-piece band added Dylan Borrelli for another layer of guitar and for songwriting abilities as well as on-stage performance. With the band’s energetic live performances and positive lyrics, Destroy//Create push to bridge together the old school and modern metalcore sound for everyone to enjoy.

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