JINJER, The Browning and Poison The Prophet Slay Montage Music Hall

Ukrainian metal band JINJER brought their tour to The Montage Music Hall in Rochester for yet another sold out show. With support from The Browning and Rochester natives Poison The Prophet, this was an excellent night of metal music.

Opening the show, Poison The Prophet launched into an aggressive, in-your-face, heavy set that you would expect on this kind of bill. While they didn’t have much room to move around the stage due to the other band’s kits, they made up for it with a pure metal performance.

Poison The Prophet moved quickly through their 6-song set and left the crowd wanting more with loud cheers and applause after every song. Featuring two vocalists, Jason Acevedo and Justin Clay, the duo constantly leaned into the crowd with great interaction and stage presence.

Being a “local” band on a national tour can seem intimidating and often one can tell which bands are the “local” ones of the night. However, Poison The Prophet fit right in, and performed a fantastic set that was the perfect introduction to the show.


Next up were The Browning, the four-piece electronic metal band from Kansas City. Wasting no time opening with “Beyond Stone”, The Browning had the crowd going nuts with their unique fusion of rap, EDM, and heavy metal.

Their 10-song set also went rather quickly as the band flowed through their setlist, with highlights being “Carnage,” “Pure Evil” and “Skybreaker.”


Guitarist Brian Moore was the most notable part of the band’s stage presence as he spun around relentlessly covered in paint while wearing a hoodie that resembled a cross between a zombie and a clown.


Closing out their set with “Geist,” the crowd responded with loud cheers and thundering applause. The Browning was a solid support act to be touring with JINJER and certainly gave it their all on stage. Finally, it was time for JINJER. The lights went dark and fog machines slowly began to fill the venue as the crowd screamed in anticipation. The moment Tatiana took to the stage, the band jumped right into the heavy number “Teacher, Teacher.”


When you think of metal bands with female vocals you probably think of In This Moment, Otep, Butcher Babies, or Arch Enemy. JINJER is very quickly making huge waves in the metal world and, in my opinion, Tatiana has the best voice in metal. The way she can transition from her cleans to the guttural screams is incredible to see live.

JINJER’s set was just pure raw energy. Playing fan favorites such as “Judgement (& Punishment),” “I Speak Astronomy,” “Perennial” and “Outlander,” the band commanded the audience’s attention and left them almost in a trance.

Closing out the night with the encore performance of “Pisces,” JINJER showed exactly why they’re selling out many of their tour dates. Expect this band to be performing at much larger venues very soon. Being able to see them at a club-type venue is something all of these fans will certainly remember.

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Oct. 16 – Angola, Ind. @ The Eclectic Room
Oct. 18 – Columbus, Ohio @ Al Rosa Villa
Oct. 19 – Flint, Mich. @ Machine Shop
Oct. 20 – Grand Rapids, Mich. @ The Stache @ Interection
Oct. 22 – Chicago, Ill. @ Bottom Lounge
Oct. 23 – Belvedere, Ill. @ Apollo Theater
Oct. 24 – Waterloo, Iowa @ Spicoli’s
Oct. 25 – Iowa City, Iowa @ Wildwood Smokehouse
Oct. 26 – Racine, Wis. @ Route 20
Oct. 29 – Calgary, Alberta @ Dickens
Oct. 30 – Edmonton, Alberta @ Starlite
Oct. 31 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Rickshaw Theater
Nov. 01 – Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon
Nov. 02 – Portland, Ore. @ Hawthorne Theater


The Browning

Poison The Prophet

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