Jinjer Unleash Metal Mayhem in Niagara Falls

A night of metal mayhem engulfed the Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls on Friday, August 25th as the thunderous sounds of Jinjer and Until I Wake reverberated through the venue. This marked a historic moment for both bands. With a fervent crowd, it was a night that showcased the raw power of metal and the unifying force of music.

Local pride was on full display as Until I Wake, hailing from Buffalo, took the stage. This homecoming show held special significance for the band, and they made sure to make every second count. Despite a brief almost 30 minute set, they unleashed an explosive barrage of sound, captivating the audience with tracks like “Inside my Head,” “Still Sinking,” and their latest hit “Cold.” Alex Curtin’s thunderous drumming, August Geitner’s electrifying guitar work, Cody Jamison Johnson’s compelling vocals, and Ryan Ridley’s driving bass formed an unstoppable sonic assault. It’s clear that Until I Wake is a force to be reckoned with, and this performance was just a glimpse of their promising future as headliners.

As the anticipation reached its zenith, Jinjer, all the way from Donetsk, Ukraine, took command of the stage. This marked a monumental moment for the band as they graced the WNY area for the first time. Despite the distance from home, Jinjer’s energy was unwavering, fueled by the crowd’s enthusiastic reception. The setlist was a sonic journey through their repertoire, with hits like “Perennial”, “I Speak Astronomy” and a thunderous finale in “Sit Stay Roll Over.”

Tetiana Shmailyuk- Vocals

Tetiana Shmailyuk, the commanding presence at the forefront, effortlessly switched between guttural growls and melodic harmonies, a testament to her vocal prowess and dynamic stage presence. Roman Ibramkhalilov’s guitar riffs cut through the air like a scythe, while Eugene Abdukhanov’s basslines resonated deep within the chest. Vladislav Ulasevich’s drumming served as the backbone of the performance, driving the music forward with unrelenting force and time shattering blast beats.

The band’s communication was concise but impactful, allowing the music to speak volumes. The crowd reciprocated the energy, creating a frenzy of mosh pits that pulsed in time with the music. Shmailyuk’s interactions with the audience demonstrated a deep connection, as if their souls were intertwined through the music.

The Rapids Theater felt alive that night, pulsating with the energy of metal enthusiasts who had waited eagerly for this experience. Jinjer’s performance was a testament to their growing stature in the metal scene, as evidenced by the near-capacity crowd that bore witness to their sonic onslaught.

As the night came to a close, it was evident that both Jinjer and Until I Wake had left an indelible mark on the Rapids Theater and the hearts of everyone present in Niagara Falls. The concert was a triumphant celebration of metal’s unifying power, and a harbinger of even greater things to come for both bands.


Until I Wake

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