Montbleau and Jane say Yes Darling and release “Call Your Mother” video

Yes Darling, a collaboration between songwriters Ryan Montbleau and Hayley Jane, has been seen on festival stages across the Northeast for the past few years, and this week have released a video for “Call Your Mother.” The “lovable duo with one really great singer” uses tongue-in-cheek humor, vaudeville inspired stage banter and characters who lovingly fight throughout their songs and performances. When experienced live, the two effortlessly document a modernized, yet nostalgic, outlook on a (mostly) loving relationship.

“To me, Yes Darling is Ryan and myself being honest, brutally honest,” shares Hayley Jane. “We’ve taken these parts of ourselves and amplified them into characters. It’s us, but we’ve removed a few filters and added adorable outfits. We tackle the highs, lows, and mundane of relationships. I think there’s a lot folks want to say to their partners, but they either don’t know how or are afraid. So we put it all on blast so we can look at it and laugh. I think laughing through darkness and difficulty is how a lot of us move on from it.”

Yes Darling is a duo that I let Hayley Jane be in even though I carry all the weight and am clearly the main talent,” chimes in Ryan Montbleau, sarcastically. “No, honestly, Yes Darling is a duo and we play a couple and we fight in our songs. I think at our deepest, we explore male/female archetypes and dig at some truths about couple-hood in a way I’ve never seen any musical project do before.”

The song “Call Your Mother” echoes a sentiment that will ring true with many listeners: “Call your mother, she’s getting worried she has not heard from you. Tell her you love her, just don’t tell her everything you do.” It proceeds to chronicle the antics of love, lust, promiscuity, and recreational alcohol and drug use, among other modern trials and tribulations we all face, packaged in such a way that almost anyone can sit back and laugh.

Watch a full set of Yes Darling from Green River Fest in Greenfield, MA.

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