The Moho Collective Blasts Rochester with ‘Akra’ Release

The Moho Collective trio will once again return to Lovin’ Cup on October 11, 2019 to celebrate the release of their new EP Akra. Ben Proctor of  The Crooked North is set to provide a solo act to open the show. The Moho Collective will then be joined by a seven-piece ensemble that will include members from The Mighty High and Dry, The Eastman Jazz Ensemble and The Saplings, as attendees will enjoy hearing Akra performed in its entirety.

Lovin’ Cup is a venue located in Rochester, NY and has hosted the band’s release parties since their first in 2010. This includes the EP Soma that was released just last year. Though The Moho Collective previously spent much of their early career touring the North-East, they decided to go in a different direction and take time off to record tracks with the Temperamental Recordings label out of Geneseo, NY. Soma and Akra are both the result of this studio time, with more releases to come in the future.

Even with the trio deviating from their usual form of practicing new music live until it is perfect, staying true to form Akra is anything but stagnant. The crowd at Lovin’ Cup can expect more musical experimentation and the trio’s first ever vocal performance. Not only is Akra just as unique as the rest of their recordings but listeners will also hear guest performances from Dana Colley of Morphine and Mike Brown, owner of Temperamental Recordings.

Doors open at 7 PM with the show starting at 8 PM. Tickets are available ONLINE or at Lovin’ Cup, which includes a copy of the EP.

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