SPAGA announces afternoon NYC show during the Disco Biscuits’ New Year’s run

Aron Magner will bring his new jazz-focused side project, SPAGA, to DROM in NYC for an afternoon performance on Sunday, December 29th. The show will take place on the day-off, between the second and third nights of the Biscuits’ four-night run at Playstation Theater, offering fans a unique show to see.


The “mostly acoustic” trio, rounded out by string bassist Jason Fraticelli and drummer Matt Scarano, eschews the jam-rock/electronica fusion of the Biscuits for a more classic sound that harkens back to Magner’s jazz background. After many years focused on the exploration of improvisational jam rock with the Biscuits, Magner has returned to his Jazz roots with SPAGA. The band released a self-titled debut album over the summer which featured five original songs and a re-imagined version of The Disco Biscuits’ “Resurrection.” SPAGA played their first-ever NYC show in September at (Le) poisson rouge – check out NYS Music’s review of the show here.

Tickets are now on sale. Visit DROM for more information.

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