Jason & The Rex release debut music video and single “Bullets are Flying”

Brooklyn alternative hip-hop artist, Jason & The Rex recently released their debut single and accompanying music video for “Bullets Are Flying.” Inspired by emotion from the Parkland shootings, Jason unfurls a pensive, sometimes manic flow that expresses the convoluted public discourse surrounding the gun violence epidemic in the U.S. over vibrant horns, a melancholy piano lead, strange-sounding synths, and a reverb-washed chorus create a dense soundscape.

Hoping to inspire activism within his art, Jason layered hidden meanings and messages with each aspect of both the video and the track. The dancers movements, the TV screens, sounds and atmospheric layers created from voice samples of common gun-violence soundbites are just a few examples of the extreme intuitiveness found in the creation of this video, conveying an emotive message of gun violence. 100% of proceeds from “Bullets Are Flying” will be donated to March For Our Lives.

Hip-hop, future-funk, and dream-pop influences blend to create a densely layered lamentation of our nation’s gun violence crisis in “Bullets Are Flying.” Jason draws on his love for socially-conscious 90’s hip-hop artists like De La Soul and Common with the synth-heavy, lush soundscapes of psychedelic dream-pop artists like the Cocteau Twins, the Cranberries, and Tame Impala. The video is directed by Samantha Silver and produced by Tag Brum.

“Bullets Are Flying” will appear on Jason’s forthcoming EP Synthesizer or Variations of: An Endemic Cycle, which will explore and expand the theme of living in the mass shooting generation.

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