Hearing Aide: T@NE ‘In Concert at Arlene’s Grocery’

New York City multi-instrumentalist and composer T@NE released his latest record, a live recording at the famed Arlene’s Grocery, in April. The actual concert was recorded back in September of last year and featured
Taber Gable on keys, Andrew Renfroe on guitars, Peter Manheim on drums and Dan Pappalardo on basses joining lead man T@NE on saxes, keys and vocals. The band plays as a tight unit, rarely, if ever, focused too much on one player.

Over four tracks spanning nearly an hour, the band explores jazz fusion themes that would have been at home in Return to Forever’s music from the 1970s. T@NE adds some more current twists of course, like hip-hop beats and even some rapping. A good part of the album exhibits the band floating atop progressive jazz grooves, but when they dive below, navigating a noisy chaos, a dark magic is found. In these moments of plunging into the depths is where this set shines brightest.

Key tracks: When You See, Grown Man

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