Woodstock 50: A Big Mess

In the latest turn of events, the state Supreme Court of New York has ruled that former Woodstock 50 investor Dentsu does not have the power to cancel the festival. The financial partner withdrew funding on April 29 and announced the cancellation of the event. Woodstock 50 organizers turned to state Supreme Court last week for a resolution, demanding that Dentsu return the $18 million and continue to work on the festival. Manhattan Judge Barry Osrager ruled that an ex-investor lacks authority to cancel an event, but declined to order the funds to be returned to the festival. In short, this has become a big mess.

Woodstock 50 A Big Mess

During the Relix Live Music Conference at Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday, May 15, a panel moderated by David Fricke led to a discussion on Woodstock 50. During ‘Case Study: The Bowery Presents’ with John Moore, Jim Glancy, Rolling Stone’s David Fricke brought up AEG deciding to not getting involved in Woodstock 50. Fricke noted “there is no indication this thing (Woodstock 50) can be saved,” which led John Moore to confirm they are “not involved in any discussions with Woodstock 50.” Jim Glancy expanded on that, saying “We had zero interest in April to salvage an event in August. I have no idea how it plays out but it’s a big mess,’ later adding, “It doesn’t feel thought out.”

Woodstock 50, an anniversary event planned to commemorate the iconic 1969 festival in Bethel, is planned for August in Watkins Glen. Festival organizers remain optimistic, despite lacking funds and a mass gathering permit.

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