Car Astor Releases 90’s Stylized Video For ‘Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak’

New York-based electropop powerhouse Car Astor has released the new music video for her single “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak.” The self-directed video contains elements of classic 90’s music videos by Garbage, Placebo and Foo Fighters, including fisheye lenses, loose narratives, and energetic performance footage.

“I was able to look to many of my earliest musical influences and nod my head to them with the performance aspect of the video,” says Car Astor. “It was such a blast. I really wanted to pull on the tension and desire that surrounds the lyrics of the song, and execute that in a symbolic, dark ‘me’ way.”

“‘Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak’ is a song that really pushed me to grow as an artist, and this video did the same exact thing,” says Car. “I’m super stoked with the end result. The project was a true labor of love from start to finish.”

Car Astor previously released “Don’t Stop, Don’t Speak” as a standalone single earlier this year, which served as the follow-up to her music video “Girlfriend”

Hailing from Long Island, Car Astor first emerged into the music world via YouTube known simply as SEE, creating a viral underground presence that infected a whole legion of internet fans.

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