Mike Gordon Brings His Funk to Jersey City

Phish bassist Mike Gordon brought his brand to Jersey City, NJ for a rocking St. Patrick’s Day’s show. The current lineup includes Gordon, guitarist Scott Murawski, drummer John Kimock, keyboardist Robert Walter (JJ Grey, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress) and percussionist Craig Myers.

Gordon’s band is nearing the end of a March tour that started in Atlanta, GA and moved up the East Coast. Upcoming dates include Buffalo, NY and Cambridge, Mass. The band will also play at Jazz Fest in April.

Jersey City’s White Eagle Hall was the venue for this rocking event. Originally built as a community center, this restored historic building is in the downtown area. On this night, White Eagle Hall was sold out and at capacity.

Set 1 began with the band entering to a roaring packed crowd. Mike showed off his matching illuminated bass with Murawski’s guitar. His funky, slappy bass playing transcended these songs, creating a rocking dance party. A cool multi-colored light show accompanied the music. The set ended with the high energy “Crazy Sometimes.”

Set 2 picked up where set 1 left off. “Sweet Emotion” was the notable cover from the set. Elizabeth Nestlerode sat in with the band during the encore for “If You Want Me.” Nestlerode is a Broadway star in The Other Josh Cohen. The show ended on a high note with Jersey City anxious for more of the Mike Gordon Band.

SET 1: Whirlwind, Steps, Sleep to Dream, Got To Be More Careful, Tropical Rocket, Angatta, You Strike My Main Nerve, Crazy Sometimes

SET 2: Tiny Little World, Stealing Jamaica, Put Down The Phone, Noon to Noon, When Your Mind’s Made Up [1], My Favorite Mistake, Jones, Sweet Emotion

ENCORE: If You Want Me [2], I Am Random

[1] Mike Gordon debut.

[2] Mike Gordon debut; with Elizabeth Nestlerode on vocals.

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