Hearing Aide: Todd Snider ‘Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol 3’

With the influence of Johnny Cash on his side and, of course, his recording studio, courtesy of Cash’s son John Carter Cash, Todd Snider really taps into the essence of the legendary musician with his latest album. Snider cites working in the studio and actual reoccurring dreams of Johnny Cash that he had that led him to record in this studio in 2016 and 2017 with his supergroup Hard Working Americans. This, however, is his first solo album produced here.

The album Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol 3, which features vocals by Jason Isbel on one track, goes back to Snider’s more quiet, folk-based roots. While he composed the lyrics for the songs in Stinson Beach, California, the melodies to the songs came to him behind Cash Cabin. The album as a whole can be attributed to a list of things that are happening in the world, told in the form of satire with songs about reality TV, the government and just the conspiracy of it all. Calling this album a nod to the world we live in is perfectly conveyed throughout in songs like “Talking Reality Television Blues,” “The Blues on Banjo” and “Framed.”


Cash Cabin Session, Vol 3 is a fun, satirical album. The acoustic sounds of the guitar and harmonica as well as the banjo in a few songs allows the artist to speak what is on his mind. With few instruments involved, the listener is able to really hear the vocals on the tracks and hear the raspy soulful sound of Snider’s voice. With “The Blues on Banjo,” Snider even seems to tap into the sound of Ray Charles for the first minute of the song. He not only taps into a folk, country and blues sound but adds a nice country-type rap as well to the songs, even speaking in some of the songs. It puts a new twist on the music and shows how talented the artist is.

Todd Snider’s Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol 3 is set to drop this Friday, March 15 by Aimless Records and Thirty Tigers. You can purchase this album on iTunes and Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora as well as check out his music video for “Just Like Overnight.”

Key Tracks: Talking Reality Television Blues, The Blues on Banjo

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