Song Premiere: Sarah Eide “Dreams On Hold”

Life has been full of surprises for Sarah Eide. She captures the twists and turns of her journey in “Dreams on Hold,” the title track of her next album. In this song, Eide brandishes her flair for dramatic storytelling. The song ebbs and flows like a soundtrack. It starts off with straightforward acoustic Americana, culminates in a jazzy whirlwind, and ends on a high note full of curly-cue flourishes of trumpet, piano, and fiddle. The biographical story line takes the listener along as Eide holds a conversation with her childhood self, then her own children.


Eide grew up in Rhode Island, where she started playing at age 3. Classically trained during childhood, Eide became exposed to jazz, Americana, and world music at Berklee College of Music. Her dreams of scoring films in LA were waylaid when she took a detour and found herself as a mom in the Midwest.

The song is about the disparity between ambition and priority, with the ultimate resolution being the underlying foundation of unconditional love: “I’m still believing and I’m still scheming/ Good things come to those who wait/ So for now, I’ll put my dreams on hold for you.”

“Dreams on Hold” features Chicago musicians Shane Jonas of Low Down Brass Band, Joe Camarillo of The Waco Brothers, and fiddler Jess MacIntosh. Eide produced this album herself. Dreams on Hold comes out May 6th.

Newly relocated to Rochester, New York, Eide is already making waves in the local scene with her unique spin on Americana. Her next show is on March 14 at Abilene Bar and Lounge, a homey little spot on Liberty Pole Way in the heart of the city.

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