Pink Talking Fish Burn Down The House with Junta Circus Spectacular

Pink Talking Fish literally brought the circus to the Capitol Theatre with Greg Ormont from Pigeons Playing Ping Pong stepping in as The Ringmaster. There was talk of circus performers and antics happening during the show, but what occurred can be described as nothing short of a spectacle!

Scrambled Greg was the perfect fit for the role of ringmaster. He stepped up whole heartedly and was silly, incredibly enthusiastic and hilarious. It appeared that he was having the best time out of anyone in the theatre. Greg sat in on guitar for a couple of songs, doing vocals on “Icculus” and even manning a trampoline during “You Enjoy Myself.”

Pink Talking Fish burned down the house with an incredible musical performance featuring amazing takes on Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and songs off Phish’s Junta including “Y.E.M,” “Divided Sky,” “David Bowie,” “Fluffhead” “Fame,” “Foam,” “Dinner and a Movie,” “The Great Gig in the Sky,” “Brain Damage” and so much more. There was even a memorable sit from Ben ‘Junta’ Hunter, the first manager of Phish.

The Big Apple Circus featured an eclectic group on incredibly talented performers featuring clowns, aerialists, and a woman who could hoop ten-thousand hula hoops. The circus kept the show incredibly visually stimulating while PTF kept the jams going all night long.

Seems that this display is a notch up for PTF. Undoubtedly, this show took an immense amount of preparation and coordination by everyone involved from lighting designer to clown. They’ve showed that with a lot of dedication, with the power of music, and a little help from your friends incredible spectacles can be created.

“The circus is the place for me with bears and clowns and noise. I love the shiny music that descends from overhead”.

Pink Talking Fish: Junta Circus ft Greg Ormont 2/23/19

Set 1: Fee > Once in a Lifetime, You Enjoy Myself > Learning to Fly > You Enjoy Myself, Free Four, Esther, Life During Wartime, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Foam, Have a Cigar, Dinner and a Movie, Cities > Divided Sky > The Great Gig in the Sky > Divided Sky > David Bowie > Fame > David Bowie, This Must Be The Place > Fluffhead > Contact, Union Federal, Brain Damage > Sanity > Brain Damage > Eclipse > Icculus

E: Burning Down The House

Photos by Filip Zalewski of Essence Photography

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