The DAB Sessions, an Allstar Exploration of Music to debut in January

Adam Chase-led collaboration features members of Disco Biscuits, Nerve, and Antibalas

Adam Chase of Jazz is PHSH embarks on a new allstar exploration of music with The DAB Sessions, premiering on January 10 at Brooklyn Bowl. Joining Chase are Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits and Jacob Bergson of Nerve, two keyboardists from leading exploratory electro-jazz live bands, as well as bass prodigy Felix Pastorius and Antibalas saxophonist Morgan Price. The evening is presented by Instrument Find and will mark the debut of The DAB Sessions.

The DAB Sessions

Get to know the players in The DAB Sessions:

Jacob Bergson is the multi talented keyboardist and producer for the world renown electronic band, NERVE. NERVE is a band led by famed masterful drummer JoJo Mayer that formed out of underground parties hosted by JoJo Mayer that led the way for electronic music to be performed on live instruments.

Aron Magner has been on the forefront of the electronic music scene since it first began to grow. As the keyboardist and founding member of The Disco Biscuits, Magner has been instrumental in the growing popularity of electronic music being performed by highly proficient live musicians.

When many people hear Felix Pastorius perform there are reasonable and obvious preconceived notions and expectations being that he is playing the same instrument as his legendary bass playing father, Jaco Pastorius. While the appreciation of the seemingly genetic talent is obvious, it is also obvious that Felix has put the time in to achieve his own voice on the instrument.

Adam Chase is a drummer that is multi-faceted and the visionary behind The DAB Sessions. Chase is a multi instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriting music director that entered the world of drums in the 1st grade when he had the opportunity to see a young Tony Royster Jr. make mastering the drums look easy.

Morgan Price is a multi-instrumentalist that found his way into the Dap Tones world with his saxophone, flute, and keyboard skills. His skills on tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone have led him to steady gigs with Antibalas and The Duke Ellington Orchestra.

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