Hearing Aide: Cold Lazarus ‘Cold Lazarus’

The eclectic and spacey quartet Cold Lazarus celebrated their first anniversary by releasing a self titled LP comprised solely of original material that showcases the band’s musical originality and diversity. The band, which is based out of Jamestown, NY, is comprised of  Adam Gould (vocals, guitar), Gavin Paterniti (bass), Marc Scapelitte (drums), and Drew Minton (keyboards).  This band of talented musicians creates a hypnotic jam vibe that incorporates a multitude of varying musical genres that the band members refer to as Reggae-infused intellifunk jam rock.

cold lazarus

Selections off of the LP like “Pieces,” that clock in at over 10 minutes, illustrate what Cold Lazarus is musically capable of.  This track covers the musical spectrum of reggae, prog rock, and funk taking the listener along for a uniquely enjoyable cosmic ride.

“Butterflies,” another tune off of Cold Lazarus, is a more traditional reggae song with Gould’s guitar and Minton’s keyboards working in concert to create a sound reminiscent of Slightly Stoopid or Sublime.  The number also features a pleasing saxophone solo by Minton, that provides a sense of warmth and depth while adding a nice bit of contrast to the piece.

Scapelitte’s skills as a percussionist and Paterniti’s skill on bass are excellently showcased on the intro of the LP’s fourth track “Shit’s Lit Farm”. Vocalist Gould lyrically depicts the trials and tribulations of dating and developing personal relationships in the digital information age.  The number transitions into a fast tempo bridge that features Gould’s craftsmanship on the guitar and Minton’s heavy use of trippy synth, which eventually organically evolves back to the tune’s original refrain.

Cold Lazarus will kick off their CD Release Tour at Shawbucks in their home town of Jamestown on April 28. They will continue to tour in support of their new LP into the summer of 2018.

Key Tracks: Maybe, Freaky Little Girl, Sun Song

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