NYS Music’s 2018 March Madness: Round 2

It’s time for Round 2 of NYS Music’s 2018 March Madness! We have brought together 64 of New York State’s up and coming bands for a friendly tournament-style competition throughout the month of March, and we are now down to 32.

These artists who hail from the Empire State are a sampling of the next generation of artists and come from all corners of the state, from Buffalo to Binghamton, from Plattsburgh to Patchogue and all points in between. Discover your new favorite band and vote for your favorites!

These are 64 bands you might not know about, but should. NYS Music March Madness is a great way to discover a new and upcoming band in your area and show your support and love for bands you see often. We’d like to thank our regional sponsors Putnam Place, Anthology, Funk n Waffles and CEG Presents. These venues and promoters are small businesses and a sample of the backbone of the statewide New York music scene that helps artists grow and reach ever-widening audiences.

Vote now for your favorites and discover some of the great up and coming music that New York State has to offer!

Get to know the 8 artists in the Putnam Place region and vote below

Mikaela Davis (singer/songwriter) vs Haewa (fusion rock)
The Dirty Pennies (indie rock) vs Sprocket (high power technical jam)
Eastbound Jesus (Northern rock) vs Black Mountain Symphony (symphonic groove pop)
Fondude (groove/jam) vs Let’s Be Leonard (jam/jazz fusion)Check out the 8 artists moving on in the Anthology region and vote below


Iudica (alternative/grunge) vs Candy Ambulance (alternative/grunge)
Sun Parade (grunge power pop) vs Folkfaces (roots folk/jazz)
Chris Eves and the New Normal (jam rock) vs Moho Collective (creative instrumental)
Jiggawaltz (funk metal) vs Ballroom Thieves (alternative rock)

8 artists remain in the CEG Presents region. Check them out and vote below

ShwizZ (progressive funk rock) vs Wild Adriatic (rock n roll)
Intrepid Travelers (funk/jazz/rock) vs Escaper (space funk psyche rock)
Polyvamp (funk and rock) vs Space Carnival (psychedelic groove rock)
Sophistafunk (funk/hip-hop) vs Cold Lazarus (reggae jam rock)

Get to know the 8 remaining artists in the Funk n Waffles region and vote below

Holly and Evan (blues alt-rock) vs The Switch (rock/funk/blues)
Formula 5 (jam/rock/fusion) vs The Other Brothers (soul/funk/R&B)
Teddy Midnight (electro dance funk) vs Space Bacon (electronic rock jam)
Space Junk (progressive jam trance) vs Dark Honey (indie pop rock)

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Second Round voting begins at 10AM EST on Thursday, March 8, and closes at midnight on Saturday, March 10. Round of 16 begins at 10AM EST on Monday, March 12. Vote now for your favorites and discover some of the great up and coming music that New York State has to offer!

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