The Disco Biscuits Heat Up New York City

The Disco Biscuits returned once again to New York City to end out the year, playing their New Year’s Eve run at Playstation Theater. They’ve had a month off since their last run at Holidaze, but they sounded like a band that has been on the road for weeks. After a solid run opener on Thursday, the band was warmed up and primed to throw down a classic on the 29th.

Philly’s Greg D got the show started with an R&B heavy set as the rest of the crowd filtered in from the Phish show at Madison Square Garden. The Disco Biscuits started the night off with two songs that normally end the night, with the pairing of “Hope” and “Kitchen Mitts”. They then went into a monster “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.” which was the meat of the set clocking in at almost 30 mins, which then dropped into “Gangster”. “42” was next, and it was one of the best jams of the run. Marc Brownstein set up the pace for a nice dance funk style jam which would be something they would return to a few more times in the night. The jam bled into “Spraypaint Victory” to end the set.

The second set was pretty much one highlight reel, as it was up there with one of their best sets of the year. Things started back up with a “Crickets > Papercut > Crickets” sandwich, with the jams into “Papercut” and then back into “Crickets” being the highlights of the segment. Next was “Story Of The World”, which went into “Spacebirdmatingcall”, which featured some of my favorite type of Biscuits;  blissful and bouncy. Barber started tearing up the guitar which then led into “Tricycle”, which had another happy biscuits jam before going back into ‘Story Of The World” to end the set. A “Once The Fiddler Paid” encore was the perfect way to warm up everyone’s hearts before venturing back out into the bitter New York City cold.

Set 1: Hope, Kitchen Mitts, M.E.M.P.H.I.S.> Gangster> 421> Spraypaint2
Set 2: Crickets> Papercut> Crickets, Story Of The World> Spacebirdmatingcall1> Tricycle>Story Of The World
Encore: Once The Fiddler Paid
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  2. ending only

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