Dark Honey Revamp Their Sound, Drop Single ‘Stinging Nettle’

After taking some time to redevelop themselves and fine-tune their music, it seems like Dark Honey’s got it figured out. Formerly known as One Red Martian, the band of (mostly) brothers picked up shop from the south and reverted to their roots in Upstate NY to record and release their newly calibrated music. The Albany outfit dropped the catchy single “Stinging Nettle” as their new sound takes finally takes shape trailing a five year hiatus.

“Stinging Nettle” is delivered to us by a trio of brothers, Ben, Jimi and Joe Woodul as well as life-long friend Dan DeKalb, with a fun pop-melody that dives into deeper meanings with its playfully vivid syntax, amusing synth and carefully articulated lyrics. In a wave of pure indie-pop-rock, the quartet delivers a blunt track filled with clear cut emotion through personal storytelling and youthful mishaps. With an artistic vision entirely their own, the foursome even direct and produce their own videos, including their other track “Driving Song,” displaying raw emotion and full-on guitar psychedlia.

A band a decade in operation, Dark Honey has molded its unique sound and racked up a larger bank of relatable experiences to creatively share with listeners as Woodul’s vocals have the ability to master a light, airy sound in one breath and raw and gritty in another. They’ve made their way to favorite local downtown Albany venue, The Hollow, for a show back in September and the Alt ranked them third best band in Albany. Since its debut, “Stinging Nettle” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday as well as Weekly Buzz and the USA Viral 50 Charts.

Catch Dark Honey at their next gig at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on Nov. 7.

Listen to their newest single here:

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