Hearing Aide: Deadrider ‘Reaper’

Living in Central New York, you will find some great talented musicians lurking at your favorite dives and music venues. Oh yes, these creatures still exist and they seek out souls to join their ranks. The energy and the aggression in the material these bands crafted will have it become as if it was forged into your DNA! A perfect example that the music scene in my hometown is still  baring teeth is no other than the mighty and destructive Deadrider! With their 2017 album Reaper, you will join the ranks of  the CNY  metalheads!

deadriderDeadrider is a heavy metal and thrash inspired group containing the talents of John V Bustos (lead singer/lead guitar), Antonio Labbe (drums), Michael V Visconti (guitar and backing vocals) and Mike Losert (bass). If you go to the local shows in the area, I bet you will meet these rocking dudes! With so many great influences on the album from the late 80s and early 90s, the best track that encompasses these elements would be the track. “Heavy Metal Deadride.” With amazing guitar work  with searing guitar solos from both Bustos and Visconti , your ear will pick up the how the track is deeply rooted into bands like Anvil and early Iron Maiden days. With a dangerous cocktail of power and aggression, this jam becomes a whiplash worthy type of track; prepare for bangovers! The melodies are infused with g-force speed and allows this piece to come alive. It will eat you up! The vocals will create a fire in your blood as if it was your last ride. Ready for their last ride and hot damn it makes it addicting. With such speed you can see this element on other tracks on the release like “Brainwashed” to keep you windmilling for days.

What I love most about Deadrider is the hints of thrash in their material. Let me tell ya brother, I love my thrash as much as I love my crafted beer. One of my favorite tracks to give me my thrash fix is the necksnapping “Skulls and Bones.” This thrash based track with neck breaking riffs will have you sore for days! The drums are wild and sparadic and it fits the overall approach of this song quite well. This will make you pick up your feet and mosh as if your life depends on it. Losert brings that nice old school 80s bass tone to it. Labbe with his great approach and dynamic style, really allows the lower and bottom end in great form. This allows both the bass and drums to shine like a sword after it is folded into the perfect weapon. Show no mercy when this song is blasting.

The band’s track “Iron Angel” is one hell of a catchy grooved based tune. With the mindset of the end is coming towards the listener and your possible enemies, it really feeds that urge to have destruction take hold. If Venom had a bastard son, this would be the track! This one is indeed for the metal fans of the all or nothing type of attitude. It is one my personal favorite tracks on the album. Along with “Through The Trenches” the added variable of the formula to this album of fighting to the last breath will  make this your go to release to get pumped before the show. Like pumped and ready to scream!

Reaper has the fix for that raw thrash and old school heavy metal approach that will fill any bar and music venue in the area! I would rate this album 5 out of 5! Check them out on Facebook and their website.

Key Tracks: Iron Angel, Brainwashed, Skulls and Bone

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