Styx Concert Will Broadcast on Hearing Aids, Demonstrating Advances in Technology

Tuesday’s Styx show in Holmdel, NJ will be a monumental event. For the first time ever, a concert will be broadcast via hearing aid. Users of Oticon’s Opn models will be able to use an app on an Apple device to live stream the audio feed from the soundboard at the Styx’s final concert on their current U.S. tour. While demonstrating advances in hearing aid technology, the event aims to reduce the stigma associated with hearing loss.

In a statement about the event, Oticon relayed that an estimated 48 million Americans report hearing loss to some degree. Ironically, some have lost hearing due to listening to loud music. New technology allows people to hear more clearly, bringing the joy of music back to fans.

“It’s estimated that only 20 percent of people who could benefit from hearing aids seek help, with many waiting up to 10 years before they purchase a hearing aid,” said Sheena Oliver, an audiologist and Vice President for Oticon. “By partnering with Styx and their millions of loyal fans, we’re helping to take the stigma out of hearing aids and allowing people with hearing loss to enjoy a quality of sound they may not have experienced since their youth.”

Now in their fifth decade of making music, iconic rock band Styx released their latest album The Mission last month. The 14-track album centers on a story line about a mission to Mars. It’s receiving accolades as a return to the band’s classic sound. 

Tuesday’s audio feed is password-protected. Users of Oticon Opn who are interested in experiencing this event can receive instructions from their hearing care professional. The broadcast begins at approximately 9:38 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, Aug. 22. For more information, visit Oticon Opn.

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