Photo Gallery: The Tea Party at Canalside

This past Thursday, July 6,  The Tea Party made an appearance in Buffalo as part of their Summer 2017 Tour. The Canadian hard-rockers brought out an older crowd for this week’s Canalside Live concert. Based on their performance, it was apparent that this wasn’t their first rodeo. The Tea Party came together in the early nineties, and the same three members stuck together ever since (with the exception of their 2005-2011 hiatus).

the tea partyThe Tea Party’s sound features a blend of hard rock with all sorts of other genres, including Middle Eastern, Celtic, and Mediterranean music. Their songs feature a wide range of unique instruments, including the mandolin, sitar, hurdy-gurdy, and the list goes on. At one point during the show, front man Jeff Martin swiped his hand around what looked like an old theremin.

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